Monday, July 14, 2014

Missions in Belize

We're starting out today on our first day of mission work here in Belize, and the team is excited and full of energy. The weather is a bit hot, but the rains are cooling things down to be quite bearable. The food is all fresh and delicious and the hotels are nice and cold!

We had a devo this morning on being the hands of Christ and spend most of the day yesterday in an extended worship service with a small local Methodist church. I'll be part of the VBS team today and will sing praises with the little kiddo's in this area, my best friend Rachel joining me.

I hope to find a renewed sense of simplicity here that I can bring back to my own life and perhaps even gain a bit of clarity as to how sacrificial service blends in with a heart on fire for God.

Pray us up for effectiveness in spreading the gospel.



  1. Dude... hot and painful. I saw Jesus a few times, but I'm thinking it was in the midst of extreme need to pay any price for AC and home...

  2. So I posted up a little while ago about dusting off my books. When you get time (busy-body) go in the post and give me some feed back. I'm interested in starting this thing rolling. :)

  3. Ah, how about you e-mail me at It'll just be more efficient to discuss this through e-mail.