Friday, December 3, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!"

"It's the most wonderful time of the year... There are reasons for shopping and belts will be popping, as Christmas draws near.... It's the most wonderful time......... of the year!!"  They'll be parties for hosting and vodka for toasting and frolicking out in the snow. They'll be bad host stories and college day glories from people you don't even know...  Even know (that's the echo for the non-musical!!) ‎It's the most wonderful time... of the year. It is turkey or ham? Someone pass grandma's jam, yes I'll have a cold's the most wonderful time...of the year..."

Man I love Christmas & cold weather (brrrrrr). Texas is not disappointing this year with the chilly weather already outside - nothing like sweating on Christmas each year!! I always tell everyone that I'd rather be cold than hot - you can layer up your clothes when it's cold, but when it’s hot, there are only so many clothes you can take off before people start starring... and shrinking... and throwing money at you to put the clothes back on.. Too much? Naaaaaa

This time of the year make me so giddy - at times I annoy myself... I think it's because I love to overeat and spend money. The holiday season is a free-for-all on credit card and checkbook abuse, not to mention a time to 'move it on up' in your pants size (Why break the norm and be classified as different? Not me... ). Sign me up, please.

I have a hard time answering people when asked what I would like for Christmas, because I have everything I need - funny how that want/need word changes at you get older.

I hope that you're getting into the spirit of the season and acting as CHILDISH as humanly possible. Re-write Christmas songs, have tacky sweater Christmas parties (you should see Rachel's cat Christmas sweater for ours - it’s fantastically HORRIBLE), eat lots of food and forget your diet, dance in the store and bake crappy snowman cookies - no Martha Stewart am I!

Whatever you do - have fun. Enjoy and live it up. What do you have to lose by acting up and having a really good time this year? Unbridled joy that makes people want to puke?

Nothing - that's what you have to lose.... So do it - have a blast and make some lasting holiday memories.

Word of warning - they will throw you into a padded cell if you severely overdo it...
I'll leave it up to you - to define severely... HA!


  1. I got a laugh out of your song. It's getting cold up here in Michigan too. 35F at the moment. Brrr...I'm not used to it yet.

  2. Lots of holiday spirit going on here! It's cold here in the northeast too, but no snow yet ... hopefully soon :)