Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The fantastical journey!!

So lately I've been writing and critting my BUTT off (I wish that was a formidable way to drop the lbs) - but, I finally sat down and read a few new books over the last few days. I've been waiting and waiting for Christine Feehans "Dark Prince" to pop up in a second hand book store, because God forbid they have them in the regular bookstores. I guess they've been out of print for a long time. I got lucky this last week and it was there - WOOHOOO!!!!

And to say the least, I was not disappointed. It was a fantastical read with paranormal creatures, action, good love story and mystery bleeding out of every page. Just a really, really great read.

Then my crit buddy Tiffany on Crit Circle asked me to look over her first five chapters of "Keeper." Sure why not? I'm always looking for something good to read. Okay - really - this was FAN-FREAKEN-TASTIC... I blew through thirty-five chapters (or so) in three days. My crit probably blew, (right Tiff?) but I just couldn't stop. It was just 'blow me away' incredible.

So now - what next? I cried a few ridiculous tears that the "Keeper" journey was over, but now that I've stopped acting ridiculous (not really) I'm onto the last novel in Rachel Mead's Vampire Academy - it reminds me of Tiff's novel - and honestly - I cannot wait to start reading it.

SO - what are you reading right now? What's holding your attention, causing you to lose sleep at night, making you daydream on the way to work - has you wishing you had a sugar daddy so you could just read your butt off everyday? Share with me - I want to know...

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  1. Glad you loved it, Laurie! I look forward to reading more of the Soul Keeper!