Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dallas Writers Convention!

So I have a few weeks before I'm taking a trip up the road to Dallas for a writers convention. I have a pitch session scheduled with an agent and am still trying to decide whether to pitch Soul Keeper or Howl at the Moon. I'm going to spend tomorrow getting Howl at the Moon in better shape - nice day of editing!

I'm stoked though. It's supposed to be a good time of classes and mingling, with a late night party and a smores/bonfire event. Should be interesting to say the least. There are quite a few classes on YA - so I am signed up and ready to go.

Now I just have to rehearse my pitch over and over - guess I need to choose the novel first, eh?

Hope everyone is staying warm and if you aren't signed up to go to a convention - consider signing up!!



  1. I love that when you say you're gonna get stuff done, you get it done and in an incredible amount of time.

    You are an inspiration, lady! A true and lasting inspiration. I, unfortunately, had to put Soul Keeper down to study for the exam. Here I go again...

    But then I plan to hit it hard. :-) Granted, you'll probably already be published by then. ;-)

  2. Hi Laurie. Does the agent you're pitching to represent a certain type of book, or does she do both YA and MG?

    You've prolly done this already, but does the agent blog or have a website? See what they've sold recently and what they're currently working on--maybe they've sold a lot of YA paranormal lately so HATM would be more up their alley, or vice versa. Know what I mean? :) Good luck!

    I agree with Becca above, it's amazing how fast you get things accomplished. Way to go, girl. Keep it up and you'll be pubbed in no time. :)

  3. Becca - How are you sister?? What a cute pic - I love it... Hahaha - you know I have too much energy for my own good... Let's have lunch/dinner soon and we can talk about SK - I am done with Howl at the Moon and am working on edits and my query letter to agents - boring part... I have another idea, but I'm not starting it until March - at least I don't think I am - HAHAHA!!

  4. CherylAnn - Hey you - I see you are doing the blogfest - I totally missed it, but I am going to post on you and Cindy's sites - get in the mix... heheh - The agent in Feb does both MG and YA - I am seriously thinking I am going to Howl for this bad boy - its just so much easier to explain - very straight forward. Thanks for the encouragement - it is highly prized around here - HAHAH - Thanks for posting! LS