Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Journey

Last night began the 2012 season of Lent, a time where Christians everywhere walk through the history and emotions of the foundation of our faith. The death and resurrection of Christ.

It all started on a high moment when the heavens opened and Gods voice could be heard as Jesus was baptized. Scripture walks us from that glorious moment into the desert as Christ was led by the spirit to pray and fast for 40 days and then the tempter showed up – with guns blazing.

Matthew 4:1-11 is a great place to stop off this week and spend some time watching how Jesus rebuked the devil, how he shook his head “no” at temptation. He used this phrase again and again, “It is written…”

If you’ve decided this year that fasting “to” or “from” something this year is a bit silly… is something that you drop after a day or two and you really don’t need that on your conscience again, or that because your church doesn’t encourage you to fast during this season, that it’s not something you will bother with – I’m asking you to reconsider.

We are strengthened in our faith, just as Jesus was by praying, fasting, spending time with God and knowing the Word. He (Christ) is our guide for what is expected of us if we are to call ourselves his disciples, his followers… if we are to call him “teacher”.

He rebuked the devil with scripture – the living word of God. Do you know what “is written”?

There is power and strength in the Word and Christ portrays this best when the beast of all beasts hits him at his lowest point. His response? “It is written…”

I urge you to participate in lent this season and if you’re still wondering what to “pick up” or “give up”…

“Give up” your excuses for why you don’t have time to read the bible and “pick up” the book that is alive and has the God-breathed power to change your life.

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