Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Year of Biblical Womanhood

My sweet friend, Naomi from biblestudy suggested that I read a book by Rachel Held Evans called, "A Year of Biblical Womanhood," a book where Rachel takes on a new challenge each month for the scope of year to follow various principals that the Bible makes note of (or does it) when it comes to women.

Being a bit of a theologian myself, I scoffed at first at the idea of reading something that was softer in narrative and not very challenging to my own walk, or so I believed in my stuffy pharisaical manner. Much to my delight I couldn't have been more wrong.

The biggest challege I faced through plowing through the 318 pages over the last two days was to not make 100,000 notes in the margins and claim the book as my own.

Rachel touched on almost every question I have as a woman, a woman who's been called into ministry, and answered it with scripture and grace, bebunking the fears that men and women alike have pushed into the forefront of my walk thoughtout backing or true support and yet we digest words as if they are truth and fail to seek the truth of Bibical words.

Needless to say, I'm getting a copy of this myself so I can write all over it and use it in the future when I need to defend my calling, my faith and my place in leadership against those who seek through the scriptures to defend that which that desire to defend.

If you haven't read this book - you need to. It is a fantastical journey for the Christian, the Jew, the Atheist and everyone in between. She bring humor, truth and reality into a perfect package and I for one was incredibly blessed to have been nudged to devour, I mean read it. :)

Good stuff.

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