Monday, April 21, 2014

To Write or Not?

It's been a long year away from writing simply for the purpose of telling a story and yet I miss it more than words can express. I have a few Bible Study ideas that I want to jump on, but a religious fiction just keeps nipping at the recess of my mind.

I love to write fantasy and fiction, to dive deep into a world that shouldn't exists and yet because God created in the image of his creative nature, I yearn to draw up something new and exciting.

A few Bible Study ideas keep moving around in my mind, but why is the action of writing so much more difficult than it used to be?

Why do I tarry instead of picking up my proverbial pen and jotting down just the first few words to chapter one?

Because I feel a bit stiffled. I have too many ideas and yet which do I focus on first? If I focus on any of them at all, am I taking time from other things that are more important?

What about my music? I cannot fathom that God would give me songs to write and yet not expect me to do something with them and yet there they sit...

To write or not is the question and when that one is answered... the next is write - on - what?



  1. Well, some sort of religious fiction would seem to be a good synthesis of two different sorts of yearnings and interests.

  2. Hi my friend! How are you? I am waiting for my signed first edition of your lovely book on Oz... :)

  3. Busy mostly. I still need to get around to making a print edition...

  4. I assumed you were. I see you haven't blogged in a while. :( Hope your family is doing great. I'm headed on a much needed vacation and then I think I'll start chipping away at something again.

  5. Well, I got to the point with my blog, where I realized I was spending a lot of time doing that sort of stuff, and it was eating to the minimal writing time I had, so I just decided to pull back on all "writing related" stuff that wasn't actual writing.

  6. Are you writing a new book? Shoot me a list of the books you've published so I can go buy them on my nook.

  7. I've got a couple of things I'm working on right now:


  8. You're going to have to give me your secretes on how you self published. I think it's almost time to dust off my two novels and see if I can get them into the hands of people that might enjoy the adventure they provide.

    Thanks for the links!