Monday, January 31, 2011

Howl at the Moon


So I finally figured out a name for my new MG novel. It's a detective series (The Liarus Detective Agency Novels) based on two seventh grade boys (Ben (MC) and Jake) that are in need of a side job to raise money for a trip they want to take. Each novel will have a new assignment for them, but this first one is to find a missing heirloom that is the size of a coin, with the engraving of a full moon and a wolf head in the middle - howling at the moon.

As you might guess - the family they are working for (incognito - of course, they're only 13) are a bunch of werewolves. The youngest member of the family (a ninth grade boy) has lost or misplaced his emblem, which he needs back desperately before the full moon. It contains the power to hold him in his human form, not allowing the pull of the moon to force him to change into a man eating werewolf.

Ben and Jake are unaware of all of that juicy information though - they just think they're looking for some old lady's missing necklace (Daniel's grandmother, Old lady Smitz, has hired the boys.) Through the adventures of looking for this and discovering there are supernatural creatures in their neighborhood, the boys grow together, start liking girls and get into load of humorous trouble.

It's a blast to write. I am about 1/4 of the way through it - got through six chapters this past weekend. Anyway - just thought I would share.. What projects are you working on right now??

Talk to me!!

PS: Lairus comes from "Lairs R Us" - a joke you'll get if you read the first novel.

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  1. Ooo - werewolves?!? Can't wait to read that part! This series sounds like so much fun, and you're the perfect person to write it. :)