Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coming up for AIR!

Wow - I cannot believe the spring is already over and shortly we will be headed into Summer. I have been so busy with my family and my church, not to mention my full-time job, that I have been swimming in the shallow end of the pool - just trying to survive! I am finally through the busy time of the year at work and I am coming up for air - then - diving off the deep end!

I am jumping back into my critiquing, because I honestly LOVE to read more than anything, so this is a great way to read, help someone else and get better, myself, at honing in on one of my favorite crafts. Then - I am going to start working on a new novel and picking at the editing on one of my two completed novels.

Life is great - the world is available to anyone who's willing to take a risk and grab it - Today, that just happens to be me!