Thursday, May 5, 2011

The road we travel

So tell me some of the places you find yourself haunting on the Internet - placing you are using the build up your social platform - places you are sharing your writing with other authors - where are you - what are you doing with your electronic time??

I'm on CC, a beta-reader for Book Country and just joined something called Figment. I have FB, this blog and a twitter account and I am trying to get back in the swing of things -

So school me - where are you spending your time?


  1. I'm on CC (great), Authonomy (not so great), was on YWO (terrible) and a bunch of other sites. CC is way ahead of the others in terms of helping with writing. And I have a blogger and a tumblr. Don't have FB or twitter, although may have to at some point. It's all so time consuming. Let us know how Figment turns out (whatever that is).


  2. I don't really have that many places. Let me see...

    Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, CC, LinkedIn (but I don't use it) The Kindle and Nook boards, but I'm not very active on those. There are just too many people over there.

  3. I blog, Facebook, Twitter, CC, participate in Good Book Alert, and the Kindle Boards.