Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Figment vs Critique Circle

So a couple of days ago, Colleen Lindsay tweeted about a relatively new site for YA and MG writing, reviews.. and the like. It's http://www.figment.com/

So I jumped on to see what the fuss was about and it's a little odd, but really if you want to do some research on how MG and YA act, talk, think, feel - that is your website. You can post your works, chapter by chapter and then you petition people to read your stuff by promising to read theirs. There isn't much 'editing' going on, but a big picture review - did they like it - did it grab them... It's more of a one-stop comment shop.

Now on the other hand, Critique Circle (CC) if absolutely fantastic for editing, rewording, plot, characterization, but the review - the how did you like my book - well, I guess it's okay for that too. But for me, writing YA and MG - I want to know how my target audience feels about my work.

So - the two of them together is a GREAT mix for me. I'm grammar craptastic, so CC picks me up there and helps me make my writing into something legible and figment is a great place to go for reviews and ideas - to hang out and pick up on the pulse of the age group.

**You'd be amazed at how talented and advanced these folks are in their late teens, early twenties. Check it out...


  1. I heard about Figment on the news the other day. I'll have to check it out.

    Also, I wanted to let you know I've awarded you the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award over at www.literally-ya.blogspot.com. Great blog and congrats!

  2. Aha! So that's where you've been hanging out! Wish I would have stopped there before pubbing TW. My current work is more for the adult audience, but hey!!!! I'll be checking it out wheneva I start working on Thou Shall Not Fall! Ahem...remember that one? Ü