Friday, May 6, 2011

Purposeful Passion

So my buddy Moody had a post yesterday (or a few days ago) on his blog asking why we write - my response is below.

I write because of the story that's screaming to get out of my head - aching to climb out of my imagination and maybe give someone else (the potential reader) the chance, if only for a moment, to do something they never dreamed possible - to live in someone else's fantastical world.

Good stories should linger on your palate and allow you to ponder the what if's long after you've finished them. I write in hopes of being that flavor - that lingering thought in someone's mind someday.

I write to live in a world where people aren't mean, where passion in your marriage never goes stale, where an ordinary girl can catch the eye of someone extraordinary, where monsters aren't inherently evil and make incredible lovers.

I write because I can. Because I love it. Because it gives me a hope that maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and have the opportunity to dream bigger and better and more - unfolding the intricacies of a world that beckons me call in sick and pulls me from sleep late at night.

I write because fiction is my lover and I have become its slave.

A little dramatic, yes, but in allowing myself a few moments to think about why I spend my time, when there is so very little of it, writing or reading, and then letting that flow onto paper - or better yet Mood's blog - I started to feel the yearning of a new story seeping through my veins and am going to start this morning writing - setting up a schedule and writing everyday. (Thanks Mood for your inspiration - love it!)

I encourage you to think about the "why" and really feel it - and maybe like me yesterday, you passion will birth another creation.

So why do you write and what are your methods of getting it done?

** I figure before too long I will look like a patchwork quilt - taking all of your thoughts and methods and creating my own out of yours - no point in recreating the wheel!!


  1. You're welcome. Eventually I plan to be mentioned on all blogs. One down,...

  2. I write because I like to tell stories and create characters. I also need a creative outlet to keep myself sane. :) It seems like I used to have more of them, but for various reasons they've been pared down.

  3. HAHA - World domination, Mood, world domination.

    SO true Jer - I still write music - between that and writing fiction and I am good for now - maybe painting somewhere in the future - you saw how good a draw. (JK)