Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I NOV my life...

No - I didn't misspell LOVE... haha -

This past fall, (November to be exact) my five year old, Clayton, came into my room and wanted to share a funny story from school. He said that his teacher kept writing the word "Nov" on the board, and wasn't that just so funny?

I explained to him that "Nov" really was a shortened version of November, the month we were in. He rolled his eyes and sighed...

Here is the rest of the conversation:

Clayton: I know that Nov means November, mom. But just say it out loud, here, repeat after me... Nooooovvvvvv.

Me: Okay, baby. Nooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvv... (I chuckle) - that does sound kind of funny.

Clayton: Okay, so let's use it in a sentence. You first.

(I roll my eyes here.. really kid?)

Me: Okaaaaaaaaaaay... Today is the 4th of Noooovvvvvvvvember... (I smile and give him the 'see its a shortened version of the name of the month we're in.')

(Now he rolls his eyes and huffs again - obviously at my lack of creativity with this brilliant new word.)

Clayton: Okay, mom. My turn. How about... "I Nooooovvvvv You!" (He throws his hands in the air in a TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA stance...)

And I - I laugh until my sides hurt. Not only is my son brilliant... but I sure do NOV my life!!

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