Monday, January 24, 2011

Stumbling in the Dark

WOW - that's how I feel about this whole - write a book, edit the hell out of it - rewrite the book - put together a query - rewrite that 2 million times - get 1.99999999999999M rejections - and start all over again.

I might sound bitter - but truly, I'm in good spirits. I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest last night at midnight - tells you what a dork I am for waiting up. HAHAHA!!

And - I've started a new novel. Something for the upper middle grade. Something fun and funny. Spunky you might say! On this one, I am stepping out on a ledge and trying out first person for the first time. (See, for those of you who might not know, well - I'm not a 13 year old boy, but my MC is...)

Okay - that's me stumbling in the dark tonight!! Just need to find the light switch and this will all make sense - doubtful!


  1. Good luck with the contest! Did u enter SK? Will that have any effect on getting it pubbed if u find an agent? Just curious how that works. ;)

  2. Hey you - dude, what is that picture of?

    Thanks for the luck - I need it.. Haha.. I did enter SK - it's the only one I've written thus far. I am starting to work on a MG novel now - just tinkering with it.

    My understanding is that if the novel gets picked up by an agent before the winners are announced that 1)my agent would have to agree to the terms OR 2) I would withdrawl from the contest.

    But - that's just me interpreting the lawyer lingo from the contest rules.

    Did you enter??

  3. Oh, that makes sense about the contest rules. No I've never entered but I've heard about it though. My WIP is my first attempt a novel, and as you know, I can't seem to finish writing it! LOL!

    My avatar is a sloth. They're my fav. animal. They're just so funny to look at - and slow - like me. Heehee :)