Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Createspace - Paperback submission done!

In the insanity I label as brilliance, I realized that I needed to go ahead and work on getting my paperback version of Deceived uploaded to Createspace so that I could spend some time working on the formatting and perhaps even review a physical copy before my Aug 29th release date.

Although the createspace website is uber helpful and walks you through every step of the process, I am a hater of Microsoft Word (namely because of my own ineptness), and spent a lot of time yesterday reloading various files to get this page tweaked or that page tweaked.

The cool thing is that by today I'll have 2 copies of the book in my hand! One of course to check every page for formatting errors that yours truly made, and the other for my momma, who would beat me if I didn't give her a first edition - mistakes and all.

With that item checked off my list for now, I'm onto trying to discern which book bloggers to contact to see if I could guest blog, share a copy of my book and get a possible review. I found about 40 that I liked the other day that were taking submissions, and I've used excel (YAY CPA Stuff!!) to create a tracking log, focusing on the blogger sites that have the most hits, followers and who love the genre I'm writing in.

For all my new writer friends out there - what did you do to promote your book and how did it work out for you?

Hope your day is fantastical!

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