Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP: Shallow Water

I wanted to share a Work In Progress (WIP) that I'm working on for a break from Soul Keeper now-and-again.

The title of the novel is Shallow Water:

Rachel Hampshire has always been on the outside looking it, never belonging in a way that gave her center stage, but all that changes when Zek comes to town. He's everything that she has always wanted to be and for once in her life fate seems to be taking notice of her existence.

Everyone's focused on Zek, and yet he only remains enamored with Rachel. Against the advice of her friends and family she moves with the nudges and suggestions of her new beau, becoming someone that has everything and ignoring the mounting costs associated with such success.

Perhaps Zek is not who he appears to be and just maybe fate had nothing to do with the new life given this lucky girl. Forces greater than she can image are at play just beyond what her eye can see... the question is - will she survive her rise to the top?


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