Thursday, August 14, 2014

SK I Cover Chosen!!

Well after looking at over a hundred covers for my first YA novel and taking a poll of far too many people, I've finally chosen the cover.

Might I say once again that working with the designers from 99design was a total joy and such an incredibly easy process.

The cover was done by Brand Design on the site and he spend countless hours and revamps of the art making it individual and specific just to me and my creation. The figures at the bottom were hand-drawn and his suggestions and help was just fantastical.

I've read this book what feels like two hundred billion times and yet I'm going through it once more before starting down the path of uploading everything. This is a process that is rather straightforward and yet it takes creativity, patience and loads of perseverance. Oh man I dislike that last word...

I'm looking forward in a few weeks to adding link here and at my WordPress blog ( letting my family and friends know that it's finally done and they can jump online and buy 10 copies.

I'm smirking with a bit of a sardonic smile just in case you think me to be delusional. :)

Without further adieu....


Thanks for taking the poll and wish me luck as I run through this project that is so near and dear to me once more.


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