Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Power of Perseverance

I heard someone the other day say that anything is within reach as long as you're willing to keep moving toward the goal. I believe that complete and yet wonder why it's so hard to continue pushing forward.

What is this mythical, magical anomaly called perseverance and where can I buy a jet-booster pack full of it?

If I want to loose weight I must focus on the task at hand and no matter how hard the work is, how bland the food might be or how slow the progress is, the truth of the matter still stands - I can become thinner.

If I want to write and publish a book I must simply create a schedule by which to put my thoughts on paper, edit those thoughts and ensure there is plot, characterization, marketability with the current environment that we live in and then publish - I can become a published author.

If I want to start my own business I have nothing more to do than research and study the necessary items to get the new work up and running, hire a few people, advertise and smile a lot and then make money - I can become an entrepreneur.

Oh yes, I do believe that anything is possible, but all of these things are improbable without perseverance. (These things above are simplified of course, for the sake of time...)

Perseverance is defined as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It means to push forward and never get up regardless of... any and everything I suppose.

I've put myself on a schedule to finish editing Soul Keeper, which I've renamed "Deceived - The Soul Keeper Trilogy". I will be done with it by August and hope to have everything up and running on an e-book format by the first of October.

I can see clearly that the only thing that might stand in my way is simply - me. Time is irrelevant because I make time for the things most important to me, as we all do. Money isn't much of a stumbling block simply because self-publishing is relatively cheap and I have a little extra money and could certainly pass up eating out twice a week to make this happen if necessary. Talent isn't a question but a matter of practicing my craft in a way that causes me to grow and change.

So the only thing that might jump in the middle of my plans and burn the whole thing down is my ability to persevere when there is no one or nothing really to achieve or praise to receive until the button is pushed.

So.... for those of you have pushed forward and persevered to get to where you are, or to have done what you've done, please, let us in on your well kept secret.


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