Sunday, August 17, 2014

Growing up with the Turtles

This past weekend I needed a break from editing, so I decided to take my kids to see the new Ninja Turtle Movie that came out a week or so ago.

Now, just know that I grew up with the ninja turtles, watched the movies, played the games and raise my little brother to be a hero in a half shell. I was a little concerned with them not being very traditional and yet...

The movie was great. Much, much better than I thought it would be. The back story for the mutation was fun and a bit of a twist, but fit very well.

You have to love the four personalities the turtles represent, Donatello being the brain, Michelangelo being the party boy, Raphael being the brute strength and Leonardo being the leader of the motley crew.

I have many fond memories of watching those beloved cartoons with my little brother, Brent and having to beat Disney World's Raphael off of me when I was a teenager as he realized my level of intelligence coupled with my awesome Florida-soaked hair. It was epic - at least my family seemed to think so. I still get picked at about that dumb turtle falling for me...

I digress.

Movie was great and the sound of little kid laughter mixed with adult snickers filled the theaters when we enjoyed ourselves reliving a bit of our childhood.

I'd recommend the movie - and pizza. *wink*


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